A visual compendium of bioluminescent creatures by Seattle-based artist Eleanor Lutz, reminiscent of Ernest Haeckel’s pioneering drawings from the early 1900s. Also available as a poster.

Pair with the first poem published in a scientific journal, an ode to bioluminescence

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Let it glow!

What’s your favorite?


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A History of Infection #19 - Death!

This time I’m talking about the evolution and natural history of death.

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"This image of a protein folding funnel was created to illustrate the research of Frank Noé et al. described in this publication in PNAS. The structure of the peptide in the bottom left minimum corresponds to the native state while the peptide in the right minimum is kinetically trapped in a non-native conformation.” Illustration by SciStyle.

Absolutely, positively, fundamentally beautiful.

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7 Record Breaking Elevators Of The Modern World


Gartec have looked further afield than platform lifts and created an infographic showing elevators that have broken records with them being some of the highest, fastest, busiest, or largest elevators.

7 Record Breaking Elevators Of The Modern WorldInfographic by: GARTEC

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Sphincters - The Fascinating Truth

Sphincters — they’re not just for butts! Hank explains the fascinating truth about these magic rings of muscle, where they appear in the human body and the pretty fantastic functions they perform in the animal kingdom.

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On the Zimmerman verdict …


So let me see if I have this straight:

In Florida, I can follow an otherwise law-abiding person around on a dark and rainy night, and if they decide I am a threat and respond, I get to shoot and kill them if I start losing the fight.

I am sure the people of Florida are sleeping much more secure in their beds knowing that this could never happen to their child or in their neighborhood.

Quality work all around.

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whenever alligators do that mouth thing it looks like they’re waiting for u to understand their joke





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Library of Strahov Monastery, Prague (by Michael Langille)

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In our latest post, we present three big ideas to transform cities. 

(You can read them here in English or Chinese)

What three ideas could improve your city?

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Beetroot’s Romeo and Juliet Poster

Every “Romeo” and “Juliet” in the entirety of Shakespeare’s play brought together with 55,440 red lines. 

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Young Avengers by *BillWalko

A “Young Avengers” style tribute to AMAZING HEROES #50, which originally featured the New Teen Titans. 

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Moss Graffiti: A How To Guide

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